Enhance and improve your idea, project, or company collaboration with our experts and consultants.

Software Development

Design, decide, and build the best technology solution or digital tool for your idea, project, or business.


We fully build and equip your online store.



Learn and empower yourself with the knowledge and expertise of our specialists.

Customer Support

Continuous assistance and improvement with up-to-date diagnosis from our professional team available for you.


We supervise and help your technological transition and management to obtain full administration, function, and operation.

About US

We are a passionate science and technology team, enthusiasts about challenges that require research, learning, and originality; that is why we know the human component is fundamental in what we accomplish.

We are convinced that technology helps simplify processes, spare time, maximize resources, and ease activities, although it might also become complex, demanding, and even intimidating, so we have made our concern to become the link between its users and its usability, evolving its dynamics to be accessible, clearer, and intelligible.

Our methodology signifies, more than software development or implementation, and exhaustive analysis, followed by an original and clever examination of our expertise to provide the best and more convenient solution for your idea, project, or company.

Code Center, therefor, combines a group of talented multidisciplinary, multilingual talents, under the same philosophy and avant-garde motivation, endorsed by more than two decades of experience. Our trade became our identity.

We provide our consultancy, development, and management services to solve our clients’ challenges or collaborate with their ideas by designing technology solutions and digital tools. We are dedicated to help them organize, automatize, and enhance their activities, resources, and procedures.

Supply the knowledge, strategies, and assistance to achieve efficiency and create long-term value for our clients’ idea, project, company, or institution, optimizing their outcomes, improving their reach, and support their thriving in the demanding markets.

We contribute with creativity for disruptive innovations and the technology intelligence of our team to benefit our clients’ goals, ease their user experience, maximize their profits, boost their resources, and streamline their processes.

At Code Center, our purpose is to be, par excellence, our clients’ choice for versatile solutions and top-notch technology answers, understanding the essence of their projects, suiting with great accuracy their needs, and still presenting results that will enrich their expectations.

To assemble a prominent team of outstanding experts and specialists by attaining and introducing to them an exhilarating set of projects where they can harness their skills, practice their artfulness, and defy conventional wisdom of the industry.

Consolidate our position as one of the most profitable technology consulting and development companies for our investors through appealing, ingenious, and merited projects for our clients, economic growth should be sustainable and inclusive, and we will continuously work to improve our services.


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